WAIMH's mission promotes education, research, and study of the effects of mental, emotional and social development during infancy on later normal and psychopathological development through international and interdisciplinary cooperation, publications, affiliate associations, and through regional and biennial congresses devoted to scientific, educational, and clinical work with infants and their caregivers.

Next World Congress

15th World Congress

Infant Mental Health in a rapidly changing world: Conflict, adversity, and resilience

Hosted by Israeli and Palestinian Infant Mental Health Associations

Prague May 29 - June 2, 2016

Abstract submission was closed 30th October, 2015.

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Perspectives in Infant Mental Health (formerly, The Signal), the quarterly Professional Publication of WAIMH, gives members an opportunity to share research of interest, provides a forum for the exchange of news and views from around the world, serves as a nexus for the establishment of a communication network and informs members of upcoming events and conferences.



The new WAIMH Board member for the years 2016-2020 is Hisako Watanabe. Congratulations!

Hisako Watanabe

Altogether 969 WAIMH members (2015 or 2016) were eligible to vote in the election taking place 1st - 28th February 2016 (GMT). A member could vote for one candidate. A total of 312 members cast their vote. The voter turnout was at 32.2%. All the 67 persons who paid their membership fee during the month of election were given the possibility to cast their vote.

The distribution of vote:

Holly Brophy-Herb          33

Linda Gilkerson               82

Giampaolo Nicolais         32

Kaija Puura 68

Hisako Watanabe            97

WAIMH wants to thank all of you involved in the process and your dedication for promoting Infant Mental Health globally.

Read more about Hisako Watanabe in WAIMH Facebook.


Past World Congress

14th World Congress

Babies: Their Contributions

-Our Responsibilities

Hosted by AIMH UK

Edinburgh 14 - 18 June, 2014

Edinburgh International Convention Centre

See the Congress website.

The congress presentations are available online in the Infant Mental Health Journal Supplement.

The congress programme book on WAIMH website.


Past World Congress

13th World Congress

Babies in Mind - the Minds of Babies:

A View from Africa



Congress program

The Cape Town Congress program on the WAIMH website. Look here.

The Program Book can be uploaded from our web-page.

All abstracts are available in an Infant Mental Health Journal Supplement.













WAIMH connects infant mental health specialists and professionals working within infant well-being. You can get access to internationally based clinical and scientific knowledge via membership journals. Join in our congresses and global communication network.

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WAIMH Position Paper on the Rights of Infants
Edinburgh, 14-18 June, 2014
(amended March 2016)

WAIMH affirms that the UNCRC in addressing the rights of children, does not sufficiently differentiate the needs of infants and toddlers from those of older children, in that infants and toddlers are totally dependent upon the availability of consistent and responsive care from specific adults for the adequate development of their basic human capacities.

Read WAIMH Position Paper on the Rights of Infants.

There are unique considerations regarding the needs of infants during the first three years of life which are highlighted by contemporary knowledge, underscoring the impact of early experience on the development of human infant brain and mind.


Infant Mental Health Journal


As a member of the WAIMH community, we know that you share in our mission to promote and support nurturing relationships for all infants. Given our common goals, we believe that our journal, Infant Mental Health Journal (IMHJ), is an important resource for you.

Available online and in print, IMHJ publishes peer-reviewed research articles, program descriptions/evaluations, clinical studies, and book reviews that focus on infant social-emotional development, caregiver-infant interactions, contextual and cultural influences on infant and family development, and all conditions that place infants and/or their families at risk for less than optimal development. The Journal is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to the optimal development of infants and their families, and therefore, welcomes submissions from all disciplinary perspectives, for example, psychology, pediatrics, social work, early childhood, special education, early intervention, and psychiatry. Click here to check out a free online sample issue of the journal.


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Infant Mental Health

Defining infant mental health as the ability to develop physically, cognitively, and socially in a manner which allows them to master the primary emotional tasks of early childhood without serious disruption caused by harmful life events.  Because infants grow in a context of nurturing environments, infant mental health involves the psychological balance of the infant-family system.

WAIMH Handbook of Infant Mental Health, vol 1, p. 25








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