Past World Congresses

Programs and abstracts of presentations for prior WAIMH congresses are available for download. Except where otherwise noted, all documents are in English.


Past World Congress

14th World Congress

Babies: Their Contributions -Our Responsibilities

Hosted by AIMH UK

Edinburgh 14th - 18th June, 2014

Edinburgh International Convention Centre

The congress programme on WAIMH website.

The presentations have been published in an Infant Mental Health Journal Supplement.


WAIMH 13th World Congress -Cape Town, South Africa, 2012

WAIMH 12th World Congress — Leipzig, Germany, 2010

WAIMH 11th World Congress — Yokohama, Japan, 2008

WAIMH 10th World Congress — Paris, France, 2006

WAIMH 9th World Congress — Melbourne, Australia, 2004

WAIMH 8th World Congress — Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2002


WAIMH 7th World Congress –Montreal, Canada, 2000


WAIMH 6th World Congress –Tampere, Finland, 1996


WAIMH 5th World Congress –Chicago, United States, 1992


WAIMH 4th World Congress – Lugano, Switzerland, 1989


WAIMH 3rd World Congress – Stockholm, Sweden, 1986


WAIMH 2nd World Congress – Cannes, France, 1983


WAIMH 1st World Congress – Cascais, Portugal, 1980


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