Latest issue: Perspectives in Infant Mental Health

Perspectives in Infant Mental Health (formerly, The Signal), the quarterly Professional Publication of WAIMH, gives members an opportunity to share research of interest, provides a forum for the exchange of news and views from around the world, serves as a nexus for the establishment of a communication network and informs members of upcoming events and conferences.



Presidential Address

What has Infant Mental Health Got to do With Donald Trump?

WAIMH President Kai von Klitzing


By Kai von Klitzing


From the Editors

By Deborah Weatherston, Maree Foley and Hiram E Fitzgerald


News from the WAIMH Central Office

By Pälvi Kaukonen, Kaija Puura, Minna Sorsa and Anna Hemmi


WAIMH Affiliates News

By Maree Foley and Anna Huber


The Infant Mental Health Journal: Three Important Publications

An Immigrant Family's Story

A Shared Care Plan for Early Childhood Development: A Partnership Experience between Families, Early Childhood Services, Social and Health Services

By Ombretta Zanon, Marco Ius and Paola Milani


WAIMH and the United Nations Day of General Discussion on Child Rights and the Environment

By Maree Foley and Miri Keren

The World in WAIMH

What to do about the babies? Ten Questions for Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King (reprint)

By Joshua Sparrow


The Wisconsin Alliance for Mental Health, USA

By Lana Nenide


Highlighting Emerging Scholars

Relationship Count: A Professional Learning Series for Early Interventionists

By Jennifer Champagne



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