Congresses and conferences 2018


Next Congress 

16th World Congress

Rome, Italy, May 26 - May 30, 2018.

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Congresses and conferences 2017

Zero to Three Annual Conference

San Diego, CA November 29th- December 1st, 2017 Read more


WPA XVII World Congress of Psychiatry

Berlin 8-12 October, 2017 Read more 


Congresses and conferences 2016


Head Start’s 13th National Research Conference on Early Childhood

To be held in 2016. Read more.


22nd World Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP)

Calgary, Canada, 18-22 September, 2016. Read more


The Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health

Melbourne, Australia, 26-28 September, 2016. Read more.


Training 2015



Spring short course in clinical practice with parents, infants and young children: The Tavistock Clinic psychoanalytic approach to work with under fives in a changing world

This international five day intensive course offers a theoretical and practice-based approach to work with infants, young children and their parents, and welcomes clinicians working in the field of infant mental health and the early years to participate in a stimulating event. There will be an opportunity to consider relevant research and innovative developments in technique, taking into account the changing world of internet technology into which babies are born.

Tavistock Centre, London, 20-24 March, 2015. Read more.


Trauma in infancy and building a secure base

Violence and other trauma experienced in infancy can have a profound and lasting negative effect upon the child. This four-day course explores the effects of these experiences upon the infant and looks at ways that adverse effects can be minimised.
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the effects of trauma upon infant development and will strengthen the skills required to intervene effectively in families to minimise these effects.

The School of Infant Mental Health, London, 28 Feb - 3 Mar, 2015. Read more.


The School of Infant Mental Health, London, UK





University of Minnesota, Institute of Child Development, Center for Early Education and Development, Irving B. Harris Foundation

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate Program - Open Enrollment for IECMH Certificate Program

New Cohort to begin Fall of 2014, Applications Due by April 15, 2014

Read more about the program and how to apply on the CEED website:


Fellowship-Certificate Program 2016-2017

University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA, January 2016 – November 2017 (Bi-monthly training program)

Join our highly acclaimed program advancing the quality of mental health services for infants and young children in the context of their earliest relationships. Fellows spend 12 intensive, interactive three-day weekends, learning directly from world luminaries, who in the past have included Chief Faculty, Ed Tronick, T. Berry Brazelton, Dan Siegel, Bruce Perry, Charles Zeanah, Joy Osofsky, Beatrice Beebe, Peter Fonagy, and many more. An interdisciplinary professional fellowship open to physicians, psychologists, nurses, psychotherapists, educators, social workers, SLPs, OTs, PTs, and others working with children age 0-5 and their parents. Prepares professionals for endorsement as an infant-family and early childhood mental health specialist in a growing number of states. For more information, and to download our application, please visit our website:


The University of Massachusetts, Boston, is accepting applications for the 2016-2017 Infant-Parent Mental Health Postgraduate Certificate Program.

This two-year Fellowship program meets in Boston for one intensive three-day weekend every other month, where an interdisciplinary group of international professionals have the opportunity to learn directly from the world's luminaries in infant-parent mental health. Read more


Fielding Graduate University

We are accepting applications for the PhD program in Infant and Early Childhood Development with an Emphasis in Infant Mental Health and Developmental Disorders at Fielding Graduate University. Admissions Advisor: rharriman(at)


University of Washington Early Childhood Development

Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship Program 2015-2016

University of California Davis Extension

Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship, January 2015 – April 2016

(15-month program; 13 Monthly meetings in California’s Napa Valley)

23 Academic Quarter Units in the Graduate Professional Series

Our award winning program has been training infant and early childhood mental health professionals since 2002, and you are invited to join the 2015-2016 Fellowship class that begins 16 January 2015. Fellows attend 13 seminar weekends (3-4 days) to work in intensive sessions with leaders in the field including: Chief Faculty, Kristie Brandt, Bruce Perry, T. Berry Brazelton, Peter Fonagy, Connie Lillas, Linda Gilkerson, Pat Levitt, Carol George, Stephen Porges, Alexandra Harrison, George Downing, Marie Anzalone, and many, many more. Fellows also participate in 60 hours of group and individual reflective practice facilitation/supervision. This transdisciplinary Fellowship enrolls physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, psychotherapists, OTs, PTs, SLPs, educators, early interventionists, attorneys, and others working with children age 0-5 and their families. The UCDE Napa Fellowship is designed to enhance, expand, and transform practice, and prepare professionals for endorsement in U.S. states and international jurisdictions offering this option. Read more.


International MA Program in Child Development for Developing Countries, University of Haifa, Israel

The International MA Program in Child Development was established to train and prepare professionals to lead and advance initiatives in developing countries to improve the lives of children at risk. With a focus on prevention and intervention, this unique program equips professionals with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to influence the well-being of children and their families in their home countries. Students acquire the scientific and professional skills to transform knowledge from basic human development research to various applied topics. Topics include: child care, autism, nutrition, infant and young child morbidity and mortality, academic motivation in schools, orphanages and children raised in institutions, foster care, adoption, political violence and child soldiers, and effective parenting. Scholarships are offered to students from developing countries to cover tuition and living expenses. The program is taught in English over one academic year from October 2015 until August 2016. For more information, and to download application materials, please visit our website. Read more.


Current issues


European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) ESCAP initiative to help refugee children, November 2016

ESCAP launches a knowledge programme to support mental health care for refugee children in Europe.

View the details of this initiative;

Read Dr Mimoza Shahini’s lessons from Kosovo, along with her experiential recommendations and studies;

View the first postings of clinical guidance and backgrounds.


The Reading Relationship, June 2014

A recent recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics that parents read aloud regularly to their babies beginning in infancy is really big news for babies and the infant mental health community.  Literacy promotion by pediatricians during every well baby visit encourages parents to listen and very young children to learn.  Reading aloud increases support for early brain development; encourages pleasurable, shared reading activities; builds language and literacy skills; and promotes warm and responsive relationships between parents and very young children during the first 5 years of life. 

Partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote the reading relationship as an avenue for health, socioemotional development, and early literacy beginning in infancy and continuing through the first 5 years of life! 

Check out the abstract and the complete article on the Pediatrics website
and partner with your local AAP or other infant and early childhood health promotion coalition to promote this recommendation and the link to infant mental health.


Coping with Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, USA December 2012

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network:


New link for adults talking to children about the Japan tsunami March 2011: "What to tell children about the news from Japan?"

(By Atle Dyregrov PhD and Magde Raundalen, psychologists, Center for Crisis Psychology, Bergen, Norway)


International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) January 2011: "Response to the Queensland Floods"


WHO Statement 15 January 2011: "Exclusive breastfeeding for six months best for babies everywhere"





European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP)

International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Zero to Three




WHO publications: Child and adolescent mental health


Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale, 4th Edition


Since the time it was first published, the NBAS has been used in hundreds of studies to examine the effects of a wide range of pre- and perinatal variables, including intrauterine growth restriction, low birthweight, and prematurity, obstetric medication, environmental toxins (PCBs) and maternal ingestion of toxins – cocaine, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine and has been used to examine neonatal differences in different cultural settings across the globe. This new edition contains an updated review of research using the NBAS, including new guidelines for clinicians, numerous refinements in the administration and scoring and a new section describing new advances in our understanding of motor behaviour.



Other resources


WHO MiNDbank: More Inclusiveness Needed in Disability and Development WHO MiNDbank is an online platform bringing together country and international resources, covering mental health, substance abuse, disability, general health, human rights and development. It is part of WHO’s QualityRights campaign to end violations against people with mental disabilities. MiNDbank aims to facilitate dialogue, advocacy and research, to promote reform in these areas in line with international human rights and best practice standards.


The Michigan's Social and Emotional Tool Kit, 0-8 years. The infant mental health community in Michigan created much of the language for the guideline for social and emotional well-being for children 0-3. ZERO TO THREE is listed as a resource in the toolkit. The toolkit is available to parents, family members, physicians, and communities at


Research Prizes

Call for Nominations Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize 2015

The Jacobs Foundation is seeking nominations for the Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize 2015. The prize awards outstanding scientific contributions of individuals from all disciplines aiming at the improvement of young people’s development and perspectives worldwide. The prize is endowed with 1 Mio. Swiss Francs, of which 900’000 Swiss Francs are for use in a research project, 100’000 Swiss Francs are for related costs, such as travel, networking, and dissemination.

The prize addresses scholars from all countries who have achieved major breakthroughs in understanding and contributing to child and youth development and at the same time have the potential to advance the field by actively conducting research.

An international jury will choose the laureate from the pool of nominated candidates. The following individuals currently form the jury:

Professor Jürgen Baumert, Max Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin, Germany

Professor Jere R. Behrman, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Professor Francesco C. Billari, Oxford University, UK

Professor Uta Frith, University College London, UK

Professor Kathleen Kiernan, University of York, UK

Professor Terrie E. Moffitt, Duke University and King’s College London, USA and UK

Professor Anne C. Petersen, University of Michigan, USA

Please have your nomination submitted via email ( by 15 March 2015 at the latest. To find out more about the Research Prize, visit the website:



































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